Cake Tips: Rolling a Perfect Fondant Rope

Uses for fondant rope - Talk Sweet to Me -

A rolled fondant rope can be used to create a clean line around the base of a cake (such as on the Exploding Stars cake or black and red anniversary cake). Two ropes can also be twisted together to create the braided rope seen around the base of the butterfly cake, or use fondant rope to create the numbers seen on the 13th birthday cake. There are so many possibilities!

Exploding present box cake - Talk Sweet to Me -

Red and black anniversary cake - Talk Sweet to Me -

Butterfly cake - Talk Sweet to Me -

Madhatter heart cake - Talk Sweet to Me -

Directions - Talk Sweet to Me -

To roll out an even rope from fondant, all you need is some fondant, a paintbrush and water, and a fondant smoother. If you are using the rope around the base of a cake, be sure you have measured how long you need to make the rope to reach all the way around the cake. To start, roll the fondant in your hands to create the basic elongated shape of a rope.

Rolling fondant rope 1 - Talk Sweet to Me -

Set this on your work bench, and use your fondant smoother to begin rolling the rope back and forth, pulling slightly out to the sides to elongate the rope with your free hand.

Rolling fondant rope 2 - Talk Sweet to Me -

If the icing begins to slip under the smoother or does not roll easily, use your paintbrush to paint a very thin line of water (you only need a little bit!) right next to and parallel to the rope, then use the smoother to roll the fondant rope across the water. This will make the fondant a little bit stickier, which will help it “catch” and roll easily underneath the smoother. Continue to roll and stretch the icing rope until it is the desired width and length for your cake.

Rolling fondant rope 3 - Talk Sweet to Me -

Quick tip - Talk Sweet to Me -

Sometimes it is easier to use two fondant smoothers, especially toward the end when the rope gets very thin.

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