Free Craftsy Cake Decorating Classes: A Great Resource!

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Seriously, friends…how cool is Craftsy?! Pick anything you wish you knew how to do…anything at all! Quilting, painting, knitting, and of course CAKE DECORATING! Look it up there, and viola! Someone well-known for their expertise in the subject is teaching you a class.

I am so impressed with the offerings (believe me, I’ll be taking several classes soon!) that I was blown away when I learned that there are actually Caftsy classes for free. Yep. Free.

Check out a few of the no-cost cake decorating ones:

Modern Buttercream by Joshua John Russell

The Hand-Painted Cake by Erin Schaefgen

There are also free cake decorating recipes at Craftsy. All you have to do is sign up…easy, peasy!

Brush up on a technique, learn a different way to do something (one that might be easier than what you’re doing now!), add a recipe or two to your repertoire, or learn something new entirely. Absolutely love it.

Head on over to Craftsy to see all the other cake decorating class offerings (there are over 30 different classes!) or find out what else you can learn about today.

Have you taken a Craftsy class? Which one? What did you think?

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