Story of a Wedding Cake: Katie and Sam

Design inspiration - Talk Sweet to Me - Before meeting with my client Katie, I asked her to send me several photos of cakes she liked. It is really helpful to have a chance to put a few coherent thoughts together before your consultation meetings (though it is a rare occasion when coherent thoughts happen for me)! She didn’t have any specific requirements, but did like the general ideas behind these cakes, especially the combination of round and square tiers.

Inspiration cakes from bride - Talk Sweet to Me -

She also sent me a copy of the (gorgeous!) invitations she and her fiancée, Sam, had just chosen: Wedding Invitation Swirl - Talk Sweet to Me - Based on those starting points, I was reminded of a couple of cakes from the Planet Cake website…good inspiration! Inspiration cakes from Planet Cake - Talk Sweet to Me - I talked with Katie about her preferences over coffee and came up with this design. Elements from the invitation were incorporated through the piping design on the bottom tier and I also included the combination of circular and square tiers Katie liked: Cake sketch - Talk Sweet to Me - The cake - Talk Sweet to Me - So, it was time to start making some cake. The tiers were of course ganached, covered, and stacked. Then it was time for the real fun…piping! To warm up my hands and get ready, I practiced for a few minutes on a piece of waxed paper… …before jumping in and piping onto the cake. I was fairly happy with the piping when it was finished. Even though my hand hurt for the entirety of the following day (there were four 12” sides to this bottom tier!), I’m always more than willing to put up with a bit of pain for some damn sexy piping!

cake piping and topper - Talk Sweet to Me -


Delivery - Talk Sweet to Me - Katie & Sam were such fun clients, and were so nice to send me an invitation to their wedding! I was really excited to go. Who can resist an opportunity to a) attend a wedding to see people who are in love, b) check out all the flowers, programs, and other details that were put into the planning of the wedding day, c) chat with whoever looks friendly, and d) see people react to and eat the cake!? It was great to have a chance to eat some of it myself too…being tired from working long hours on the cake that week didn’t stop me from obsessively scrutinizing the taste quality (we have a serious case of cake-nerd on our hands here, folks). But it was good! Katie & Sam cut the cake:

Cake cutting - Talk Sweet to Me -

I think Sam’s first comment after the cutting was, “That’s some gooood cake!” Love it. Black and White Cake - Talk Sweet to Me -

Tell me to be quiet now - Talk Sweet to Me - Okay, so my perfectionist little self can’t resist analyzing this cake to determine what could be better, so for your benefit I will share what I would do differently next time. First, and most importantly, the middle tier should have been one size larger. Instead of a 9” round in there, I wish I would have used at least a 10” round to even out the proportions, or perhaps just a smaller top tier. I also think the triangle dots on the top tier should be closer together (and thus more delicate-looking).

Quick tip - Talk Sweet to Me -

Play around with your cake pans! By turning them upside down and stacking them, you can start to get a good idea about proportions and what your cake will look like when it’s finished. It’s especially important when using a combination of shapes!

Signature -

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