The Art-Inspired Cake

I always get excited when my worlds collide.

Art and Life -

Since art figures into pretty much every part of life anyway and I fancy myself a bit of an artist (it’s truly a stretch!), seeing Allison Kelleher’s beautiful watercolor-inspired cake  tutorial on The Cake Blog made me want to run down to my studio, get out my paint brushes, and create something amazing…either on paper or out of fondant!

It also reminded me of the time I got to make a Starry Night themed cake.

Starry Night -

For my mom’s retirement (she was an amazing elementary art teacher), I got to hand-paint Starry Night onto a fondant cake, make a figurine of her dancing in excitement on the top, and present it to her when my husband and I were stopping by her house on a road trip.

Think she was excited to see us with cake in hand?

Figurine close up -

It was fun to paint on the fondant, but I think we’d best leave the masterpieces to Mr. Van Gogh. I wish there was a little more texture in there!

Close up of cake -

Painting Finished -

Countdown -

While we were growing up, if my sister and I were anticipating something (the end of the school year, Christmas, etc.) my mom had us make a paper chain. Have you ever done that? You get to tear one chain link off each day as you get closer to the exciting event. So as my mom started counting down to retirement – umm…THREE YEARS AHEAD OF TIME! – she didn’t make a paper chain but instead marked the countdown on sheets of a toilet paper roll…several toilet paper rolls! All the teachers retiring the same year as she was would come down to her room to see how many days they had left, especially on those days when the kids were being a bit trying. It became something funny she was known for, so it had to be included in the cake!

Figurine detail -

And the finished cake!

Finished Van Gogh cake -

I have to note: the figurine of my mom has two legs, I promise. She’s just got one leg kicked up in back (with sassy red high heels on!) so it’s hard to see in these photos.

Mom was happy with the cake and couldn’t wait to take it to school to share with her co-workers…which is the most important part of this whole thing!

So that’s my story of a seriously art-inspired cake. What’s yours?

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