Story of a Cake: Orange Ombre Petals

Keep on truckin - talksweettome.comI’d love to share with you today that I came up with an amazing vanilla cake recipe to follow up last week’s post on the quest for vanilla cake perfection. Truth is, I’ve had two complete and utter failures since that time. Anyone want a brown vanilla “white” cake that tastes like…nothing? Me neither. I threw a lot of cake in the trash this week. (Maybe seventeenth time’s the charm here?) I’ll keep trying!

On to better topics - talksweettome.comMoving on to more fun things: An orange ombre petals cake. This one was inspired by both the bride’s invitations and a wedding cake photo she found online:

Inspiration Cake - talksweettome.comThe assembly - talksweettome.comA lot of orange petals were made that week, all in different shades of creamsicle. A delicious color!

Orange Ombre Petals - talksweettome.comThose were assembled onto the simple white fondant-covered cake tiers using royal icing, and delivered to the reception venue in Kansas City’s River Market.

Intro - Orange Ombre Petals Cake - talksweettome.comI’ve always loved thinking of cakes as edible sculpture. Like any artwork, sometimes it makes me happy, sometimes it makes me cry, sometimes it makes me crazy, and sometimes I am just relieved to be done with the darn thing. This one felt mostly happy…and a little relieved too, of course.

How do you usually feel when you’re finished with a cake delivery? I hope you said LIKE A ROCKSTAR!

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