Lemon Yellow Bridal Shower Cake

Lemon lemon lemon - talksweettomeLast weekend I had the honor of making the bridal shower cake for a friend’s daughter. She gave me an inspiration cake, color scheme, and flavor choice, which was “Lemon, lemon, and MORE LEMON!” Needless to say, only a lemon cake with lemon curd filling and vanilla buttercream would do!

Cake design - talksweettome.comThe color scheme for the shower was bright yellow with navy blue and white accents. I was given this image as the inspiration cake…

Inspiration cake - talksweettome.comCake designer unknown

…but also given free reign to interpret the design in my own style. Don’t you love it when people trust you to be good at what you do?! Here’s what I came up with, all drawn very formally in blue pen on the back of an envelope:

Cake sketch on envelope - talksweettome.com

The cake - talksweettomeThen of course comes the baking, assembly, and decorating!

Baking lemon cake2 - talksweettome.comLemon bridal shower cake - talksweettome.comThe cake was delivered, my friend was thrilled, and then it was time for me to put my 8-months-pregnant-and-very-tired feet up to rest!

Signature - TalkSweetToMe.com

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