Cake Beginnings

Flashback - talksweettome.comSo…I’m 3 weeks from my first baby’s due date, and I’d like to do a little series of flashbacks to share with you my experiences training in the world of cake before I started my business in Kansas City. It all begins with Wilton classes at the local craft store in Athens, GA while I was in school. I took all three of the courses that were offered at the time, and a few pictures of the cakes we made are below:

Wilton cakes - talksweettome.comI’m not particularly proud of these cakes (umm…or the photos!) and am honestly a little embarrassed to share them now. But…I’ll throw myself on out there for criticism because no one can possibly be more critical than me. It just goes to show that a person has to start learning somewhere!

Some friends from school got married that spring, and I was asked to make wedding cookie favors for them. It was super-fun! The picture on the left was the inspiration photo given to me by the bride (I am unsure of the source). They would look different if I did them today, but they tasted good and it was actually my first delivery for a wedding!

Holly-Eric Wedding Cookies - talksweettome.comAfter that I made a few cakes for customers while living in Atlanta. Here are a few of them:

Atlanta cakes - talksweettome.comAbout a year later, I moved to Sydney, Australia, still dreaming about working in the cake world. After a series of lucky breaks I became an intern at Planet Cake, one of the top cake shops in the city.

I began working as an intern one day a week, and it was amazing how much there was to learn! After some discussion with Paris Cutler, I started a blog called The Planet Cake Intern to document and share my experiences there. The next few weeks of postings on Talk Sweet to Me will share with you the weekly adventures while I was there, followed by my transition to working in the U.S. Enjoy!

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