Baby Booties and White Roses

Flashback -

Originally posted February 13, 2008

Two cakes on the agenda for today.

First up: a Present Box with Baby Booties cake, pink theme.

I start with the order form and ganached cake:

Beginning present box cake - Talk Sweet to Me

The cake was covered in white icing, the pink ribbons were added, and dots were placed on all sides.

Working present box cake - Talk Sweet to Me
The bow was completed with tails, and a pink rope added around the base. The booties were made entirely of icing (though it has been done with Styrofoam on previous occasions). It was decided that that since the booties were relatively small it would be okay to make them out of icing only.

Beginning sugar baby booties - Talk Sweet to Me

Thin pink rope details were added to the booties, the board was covered in icing, and the message was piped onto the board. Done! Sensei Ritzy showed me a trick for covering a square board. The last time I tried to do it I cut a square out of the icing that was exactly measured to the size of the cake and carefully put that on the board. It was a pain in the neck. This time, Ritzy taught me how to use four pieces of icing evenly and thinly rolled out using the pasta machine and place them on each of the four sides of the cake. After that it was simply a matter of making sure the corners were trimmed to meet up nicely…and after that, Ritzy waves a magic wand (or uses x-ray film!) [or overhead projector transparency film] to make the lines where the icing meets up disappear. She is amazing.

Present box cake with baby booties - Talk Sweet to Me

Second cake of the day: A fairly simple one-tier cake to match the ribbons that a client brought in.

Beginning white rose cake - Talk Sweet to Me

White rose petals cake - Talk Sweet to Me

The trick for me on this cake was extending the sugar rose to place on the top and making the stem and leaves look realistic…or at least as realistic as they can look in white. Several extra layers of petals were added onto the normal Planet Cake rose, and I actually put on an additional layer of wired petals using florist’s tape. The stem was composed of a paper towel covered tightly in florist’s tape, and the leaves and petals were wired into it. This flower was secured into position on the cake with a couple of U-shaped wire “pins.”
Overall, quite a good day.

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