The Real Deal – Week #1 (Part 1)

Originally posted February 25-29, 2008

So I’ve survived my first full week of working at Planet Cake. And not only survived, but also really enjoyed it. Producing something tangible feels like quite an accomplishment at the end of the week. It was a busy one, but what else can a person expect in peak wedding season?

This week’s posting will be a little long since I’ll go through what happened each day and the structure of the work week, but next week I’ll pare down and just show the production of the individual cakes.

This week I completed from start to finish:
-Orange rose spray cake
-Teddy with baby block
-12” square white kitchen cake
-3-level ice green and golden yellow cupcake stand
And helped Handi with:
-3-tier rose cascade
-Hydrangea cupcakes
-Funky baby pool cake

Mondays are messy at Planet Cake. Most of the day is spent filling and covering our cakes with ganache. As the fourth person to join an already tight space in the kitchen, I felt a bit in the way…but then again it is always exciting to be up to your elbows in sticky ganache, trying to dance around one another across the chocolate cake-covered floor. Not so much fun to clean up afterward, but that’s another story.

By the afternoon, all the cakes were ganached and ready to be covered with icing in the morning. Below is a picture of the cakes that will be completed by me and Handi…

Ganached cakes - Talk Sweet to Me

After all the cakes were ganached, Handi and I began preparation for some of the week’s cakes – sugar tea roses and a Funky Baby for a Funky Baby Pool cake. I followed along as Handi made the one for the cake. Today we just covered the head, cut the body out of Styrofoam, covered the body, and added some ears. It is much harder than it looks to make a Funky. Simply because of the time they take I knew they had to be tricky, but it’s not something you get the hang of the first time you do it (or at least I didn’t). More practice is necessary! Margie and Handi make it look extremely easy.


Margie with Figurines - Talk Sweet to Me

The beginnings of our Funkies this week:

Beginning of funky and tea roses - Talk Sweet to Me

In other exciting news, the courtyard area in front of Planet Cake got some nice fresh plants in planter boxes recently:

Planet Cake shop front - Talk Sweet to Me

Tuesdays are generally spent covering the cakes, covering the boards, starting in on the detailed decorations, and completing other elements like flowers and Funkies.
Today I mixed a lot of icing colors, covered all of the cakes except one 6” saved for Wednesday morning, covered the boards, and prepared the boards and Styrofoam for the two cupcake stands.

Here is Ritzy answering a question about the cupcake stand structure:

Question for Ritzy - Talk Sweet to Me

We spent quite a bit of time this week making flowers, building up the layers from day to day. Flowers for the cascade, flowers for the orange cake rose spray, and hydrangeas for Handi’s cupcakes. The first two layers of the champagne roses (ivory in the center, fading out to white) were completed, hydrangeas were made, and another layer was added to the tea roses. I’m making some hydrangeas in the photo below:

Making hydrangeas - Talk Sweet to Me

One of the cakes on my agenda for the week was a 12” square kitchen cake to go along with Ritzy and Margie’s amazing transportation cakes. It was finished today as it had to leave Planet Cake early on Wednesday morning. I don’t have a picture of the kitchen cake (imagine a square…covered in white…you get the picture), but take a look at Ritzy and Margie’s incredible cakes:


Ritzys tunnel cake


Margies transportation cake

Wednesdays are spent starting to finish the cakes, continuing flower-making, and finishing figurines. This morning I finished covering the 6” cutting cake for the cupcake order and went ahead and decorated the top tier. It involved a few white and gold flowers and a gold rope around the base:

Placing rope around base - Talk Sweet to Me

Handi showed me how to finish the Funkies – hair, arms, a rosy glow on the cheeks, and painting on the face. I wasn’t satisfied with the way mine looked when I was finished, so ripped off the arms to try again when there was some spare time later in the week. I didn’t even start on the face, which requires quite a steady hand. Every part of the Funky is harder than any of the experts at Planet Cake makes it look!

Next was the beginning of a teddy bear Funky for a Teddy with baby block cake. We did the carving out of styro, covered the head and feet with icing, and made the ears.

Teddy bear head - Talk Sweet to Me

Another layer was added (lighter in color) to the champagne roses, and a third layer on the tea roses.

Before leaving for the end of the day, I put an orange icing ribbon and bow around base of the orange cake:

Placing bow - Talk Sweet to Me


Signature -

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