Party Time!

The following was originally posted on my first blog, The Planet Cake Intern, as I began to learn the art of cake decorating and began putting together the very first pieces of my cake business in Kansas City. 

Flashback -

Originally posted April 7-11, 2008

There was a lot of fun happening during my final week at Planet Cake, and although most of this post is not necessarily about cake, it was part of my intern experience and therefore must be included in the blog…

Doltone House

The first was the Doltone House bridal show, where Paris and Handi went on stage to speak about…what else? Cake! I asked to tag along so I could see what happens at one of these events and acted as official Planet Cake picture-taker for the evening.

Anna-Maria prepared a beautiful topsy-turvy cake that was featured in the show…

Topsy Turvy cake - Talk Sweet to Me

…while Handi and Paris practiced for their parts in the stage presentation:

paris practicing

handi practicing

At Doltone House, in my obviously unbiased opinion, Planet Cake stole the show. While Paris did a marvelous job with her presentation, Handi skillfully demonstrated how to cover and stack a cake.

paris and handi presenting

Fresh flowers were quickly added by a Sydney florist, and here is Handi with the finished stage cake:

handi with stage cake

Handi, Antony, and Paris also spoke with the brides-to-be at the Planet Cake table

handi and antony

Planet Cake Bowling Night

Planet Cake had bowling night this week too, partially a team-building thing, partially a good-bye thing. It was a blast…and I’m not just saying that because I won (I know a score of 116 is nothing to brag about, but believe me, that is a really good day in my world). I think that everyone secretly let me win because I was leaving. The whole group…

bowling lane

And some individual style…the pictures are a little dark, but you get the idea.

Paris returns to her seat after a successful round:

Paris bowling - Talk Sweet to Me

Ritzy concentrating in preparation for her turn:

ritzy preparing

Check out that form, Handi!

handi bowling

Jonny’s victory dance:

Jonny victory dance - Talk Sweet to Me

Team Planet Cake:

Planet Cake Bowling - Talk Sweet to Me

Dinner Party

I must include the fabulous good-bye dinner party that Handi threw. The food was out-of-this-world good, fun people were there, and we even used the Versace plates and wine glasses! Stunning! Look at those prawns:

Group at dinner party - Talk Sweet to Me

Lisa and Handi dessert - Talk Sweet to Me

Have you ever seen so much Versace?!

Versace cabinet - Talk Sweet to Me

Planet cake dinner party

What fun! And…although I don’t have pictures, Anna-Maria also had me over for lunch at her house the following week, which was delicious. Her two boys even contributed some great food to the meal, and it was reassuring to learn from their new electronic game that my brain age is somewhere around 83. Fun times!

Signature -

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