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Making a Wedding Cake With Tiger Lily Sugar Flowers

The following was originally posted on my first blog, The Planet Cake Intern, as I began to learn the art of cake decorating and began putting together the very first pieces of my cake business in Kansas City.

Flashback -

Originally posted April 12-13, 2008

Over the weekend of April 12-13, I attended Handi’s Basics 103 course. It was a blast, as it always is when learning from Handi. It was also great to see Amanda again, who was the facilitator for the weekend.

I sat next to Vivienne, who was fabulous, and recently learned that she has become Planet Cake’s new Intern…she’s already getting rave reviews!

Here is a photo of Handi leading the class:

Handi teaching - Talk Sweet to Me

Handi taught us how to make these cakes step-by-step…

After finishing the ganacheing, we gathered ‘round to learn about covering a square cake:

Handi covering cake demonstration - Talk Sweet to Me

And after stacking our tiers and putting the icing ribbon around the base, Handi also demonstrated how to paint a monogram on the cake:

Handi demonstrating cake painting - Talk Sweet to Me

Here is the finished demonstration cake (I liked the colors, chosen by Amanda):

Planet Cake class example cake - Talk Sweet to Me

My cake was a bit different, and I wasn’t sure if I liked it when it was completed or not. White base, brown ribbon, and orange tiger lilies. I’d made plenty of magnolias before, so thought it was time to try a new kind of flower.

When Handi demonstrated how to make the flowers, my lilies from the previous week were unfortunately used as an example of what NOT to do! It was okay though, because I admit they were a bit funny-looking and I wasn’t sure what I had done wrong…I learned that I bent the petals of the lily too severely at the halfway point. They should have been bent at almost a 90 degree angle 2/3 of the length away from the wire, 1/3 from the tip of the petal. The petals should also go on in two layers, one layer of three a bit lower than the other…just like the real thing!

Tiered tiger lily cake - Talk Sweet to Me

The flower petals were each individually dipped in a food coloring and alcohol solution, and then I brushed on a deeper reddish color on the insides and tips of the petals. After assembling in the two layers, I also added the brown dots with a toothpick.

Sugar tiger lily - Talk Sweet to Me

Here is the final group photo. It is a little blurry, but look at all these gorgeous women with their beautiful cakes!

Planet Cake class group photo - Talk Sweet to Me


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New Craftsy Cake Decorating Classes!

Serious cake classes - talksweettome.comCraftsy has released even more new cake decorating classes. The fun never ends!

Designer Fondant Textures taught by Marina Sousa, Food Network Challenge Champion. This class includes instruction on ruching, fringe, ruffles, and sparkling sequins. Sooo pretty!

Cake Design Made Simple – Art Deco with Lindy Smith, author of The Contemporary Cake Decorating Bible. It sounds like so much fun to learn her cake designing techniques!

Classic Car, Timeless Techniques by Mike McCarey of Mike’s Amazing Cakes. This cake would make such a perfect birthday celebration for someone who loves classic cars. I know my husband’s jaw would hit the floor if I made him a classic car for his birthday cake! The parts that sound best to me are learning the gelatin technique for a perfect clear windshield and all the time saving tips for the details!

The Art of Airbrushing with Lisa Berczel, master of airbrushing techniques. This one looks super-exciting with all the design skills and textures you can add to your decorating arsenal…I’ve never been super-confident with an airbrush, but taking this class sure would help!

What more could a cake decorator ask for? Can’t wait to see what’s next…

Have you taken a Craftsy class? Tell me about it!

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