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Resources: Cupcakes

Bite sized goodness - Talk Sweet to Me -

Since there are new cupcake shops opening up every day, I decided it wasn’t a good idea for me to specialize in them. Although I love cupcakes (they are so cute and fun to eat!), I concentrated in full-on wedding cakes instead. However, I did come across a couple great cupcake resources to share since I did have customers request cupcakes. These were a few of my top favorites!

Cupcake wrappers - Talk Sweet to Me -

My favorite resource for custom cupcake wrappers is on Etsy. I worked with Jessica at the shop Chickadee Digital, who did an amazing job of finding the perfect color for a customer with a very specific request (denim, not navy blue!). The wrappers were delivered on time, she provided all-around great customer service, and finished with a wonderful product. I was very pleased!

Denim wrappers cupcake display - Talk Sweet to Me -

Cupcake liners - Talk Sweet to Me -

Another resource I like for regular cupcake liners is Cupcake Swirl.  They have a ton of great colors and patterns. In addition to cupcake liners, you can find all kinds of cupcake decorations, party kits, tools, cupcake stands, boxes, super-cute aprons, and more. It’s fun to shop around!

I started out using white cupcake liners, but soon found that baking colored cupcakes and setting them next to vanilla ones looked kind of shabby because the liners ended up two different colors due to the cake color.

Cupcake display with white cupcake liners - Talk Sweet to Me -

From then on, I always used the chocolate brown ones unless a customer requested something different. With the chocolate brown liners it doesn’t matter what color your cake is, you’ll get a consistent look when you set them out on display at events.

Cupcake and cake display - Talk Sweet to Me -

Cupcake display with madhatter cake - Talk Sweet to Me -

Quick tip - Talk Sweet to Me -

If you haven’t ever tried it before, experiment with using some of the coarse sparkling sugar sprinkles on top of your cupcakes to add some color (or use the clear to simply add sparkle). That little sugary crunch after biting into the soft cupcake and smooth icing is to-die-for!

Cupcake sparkle sugar - Talk Sweet to Me -

Do you have a favorite cupcake supply resource? Tell us all about it in the comments below!