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Vanilla Cake Recipe Testing – Part 1

Truth Time - talksweettome.comSo, it’s truth time. I pretty much hate vanilla cake. Not the flavor – because that’s truly delicious – but because the perfect recipe for it continues to remain elusive. Come out, come out, wherever you are!

The Best Vanilla Cake Recipe Quest - talksweettome.comSure, there was a recipe I used for my business for the many brides who wanted a traditional white cake on their wedding day. But I never LOVED it the way I loved my chocolate or lemon recipes. So recently I tried Sweetapolita’s Fluffy Vanilla Cake recipe that she worked out while on her own quest for the perfect white cake recipe. Here is a link to many of her vanilla cake recipes. I truly admire her dedication (and her blog is pretty amazing too, of course!).

The cake - talksweettome.comMy husband and I had a couple friends over for dinner, so I had the perfect excuse and willing guinea pigs to test the recipe on. The cake was off to a good start when it rose nicely in the oven and smelled like my grandma’s sugar cookies when it came out. Heavenly.

Cutting into the cake was beautiful – it held it’s shape and made a very clean cut. At first bite, we were all met with a very nice melt-in-your-mouth texture and it was moist enough the night that I baked it. However, it still dried out very quickly and had that “white cake” flavor that I don’t like. Maybe that’s the baking powder? Alas, it made me want to pour the rest of the bottle of my favorite vanilla into it, but then again that seems like overreacting. And I might need it for another trial run.

Slice of Cake - Vanilla Cake Recipe Testing - talksweettome.comSlice of cake - talksweettome.comThe whipped vanilla bean icing was very buttery, but does taste wonderful in small doses. I LOVE the vanilla bean flecks in it!

Fluffy Vanilla Cake - talksweettome.comThe conclusion - talksweettome.comOverall, the cake recipe was met with rave reviews by my friends and co-workers, but this cake-obsessed fool is still on the hunt for the best vanilla white scratch cake recipe ever. Stay tuned!

Do you have a favorite vanilla cake recipe made from scratch? How did you find it?

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